South Brisbane, QLD


Slipstream Brewing Co. - Brewery Upgrade & Brewpub 


Project Management

Technical Due Diligence


Completed February 2021 


 were proud to partner with Slipstream Brewing and Mighty Craft Limited (Founders First) in the delivery of their new Slipstream Brewpub in South Brisbane. To bolster Slipstream’ footprint in the rapidly growing Brisbane craft beer market and facilitate wider distribution growth, the Project comprised the absorption of an existing car mechanics to create a consolidated Brewery + Brewpub site with consent for increased brewing and distillation production. The design by Charlie & Rose draws inspiration from American West Coast themes centred around Californian hop-forward beers. The resulting Brewpub - built by Mettle - is a beautifully crafted, community centric space that showcases the very best of Brisbane’ craft beer and food scene!